This breed takes it name from Charles 2nd, who was the first to introduce them into England. Some suppose them to have originated in Japan, as there exists there a breed, somewhat similar yet larger. To be perfect, a Charles' Spaniel should have 7 good points: round head, short nose, long curly cars, large full eyes, color black and tan, without white, perfect symmetry of form, and under 10 lbs. weight. Such is the original of the illustration : cost 44 Guineas in London. He is now in my possession. A short time ago, one was sold at public auction in England, and realized the sum of 525 guineas or over 2600 Dollars! They would be good hunting dogs, were they not toe much enfeebled by confinement, indulgence. etc.

Blenheim Spaniel takes his name from a village near Oxford, England, where the breed has been kept particularly select. He is very much similiar in appearance to the King Charles, but generally more delicate and slender ; they are both no doubt of the same origin. The Blenheim varies in color; orange and white, black and tan and white, etc., according to the fashion of the day.