It may perhaps somewhat surprise those who have hitherto been accustomed to a variety of incomprehensible Latin Prescriptions, receipted to cure Diseases which are not positively known to exist, or which arc so mystified by anatomical technicalities, that they cannot bo easily recognized by the uninitiated. Yea : I doubt not some of my readers may be astonish-ed, (on reading my simple remarks and practical instructions on the Diseases of Dogs,) that I have neither unvailed the secret of the Apothecaries' shop, nor dissected every fibre of the canine fabric. These things, I have carefully avoided, first, because 1 am by profession neither Chemist nor Anatomist; secondly, because my object is to simplify that which is too often rendered unintelligible, and to present a condensed list of antidotes, rather than a profusion of infallible cures. I perfectly agree with my learned friend Deschamps, who acknowledges the existence of only one Disease, " a Disorganization of Nature" and one cure, " the Reorganization" I will proceed still farther by stating my belief that Nature effects through suitable relaxation and gentle stimulants far more than can be forced on Her by drastic purges or powerful astringents. Preventives generally indicate cures; upon this impression I have based my ideas and am satisfied in having carried them out in my treatment of the Diseases of Dogs, If I err, I am convinced it is on the safe side. I have nothing to say in contradiction to the opinions of others, but as that which I offer is the result of my own experience, I have reason to hope it may be tested, before it is condemned. As, in a certain sense, all Diseases are one, I have not particularized every ailment incident to the rani no fraternity, but simply those, which may be identified by the non-professional, understood by the inexeperienced, and relieved with out medical advice.