Marboeuf was the first to recognize the genius of Napoleon at tho Ecole Militaire, Marengo was the greatest battle gained by Bonaparte, and Melas opened to him the way into Italy. Mortier was one of his first generals, Moreau betrayed him, and Murat was the first martyr in his cause. Marie Louise partook of his highest destinies, Moscow was the abyss in which ho was engulfed. Metternich conquered him on the field of diplomacy. Six marshals (Massena, Mortier, Marmont, Macdonald, Murat, Moncey) and twenty-six of his generals of divisions had names beginning with the letter M. Murat, Duke of Bassano, was tho counselor in whom he placed the greatest confidence; his first great battle was that of Montenotte, his last that of Mont-Saint-Jeau. He gained the battles of Moscow, Montmirail, and Mon-tereau. Then came the assault of Montmartre. Milan was tho first enemy's capital and Moscow the last in which he entered. He lost Egypt through the blunders of Menou, and employed Miollis to make Pius VII. prisoner. Malet conspired against him ; afterward Marmont. His ministers were Maret, Monta-livet, and Mollien. His first chamberlain was Montesquieu, his last sojourn Malmaison. Ho gave himself up to Captain Mait-land. He had for his companion at St. Helena Montholon, and for his valet Marchand.

If we examine the history of his nephew Napoleon III. we find that the same letter has no less influence, and we are assured that the captive of Wilhelmshohe attaches still more importance to its mysterious influence than did his uncle. The Empress, his wife, is a Countess Montijo; his greatest friend was Morny; the taking of Malakoff and of the Mamelouvert the principal exploits of the Crimean war, — exploits due chiefly to tho French. His plan in the Italian campaign was to give the first battle at Marengo, but this was not fought until after the engagement of Montebello at Magenta. McMahon received for the important services rendered by him in the battle the title of Duke of Magenta, as Pelissier received for a similar service that of Duke of Malakoff. Napoleon III. now made his entry into Milan and repulsed tho Austrians at Melegnano.

After 1860 the letter M seems to have become for him a presage of misfortune. We pass over Mexico and Maximilian, and take the present war, in which he had founded a vain hope on three M's—Marshal McMahon, Montauban, and the Mitrailleuse. Mayence was to have been the base of operations for tho French army, but, repulsed on the Moselle, his fate was decided upon the Mouse at Sedan. Finally we have to mention the fall of Metz. All these disasters are due to another M, tho enemy of Napoleon — and this is a capital M — Moltke.

THESE incidents must be sufficient to show that, excluding wise forecasts and self-procured fulfilments, we do not place too great a burden upon coincidences when we attempt by them to account for the specious evidences of astrology and divination.