Boys, you can perform many magic experiments with apparatus made out of the glass tubes, rubber stoppers, and rubber unions supplied with "Experimental Glass Blowing." We outline a number in the following pages. You can invent many more for yourselves.

Light your alcohol lamp, blow it out, and bring a lighted match down toward the wick from above (Fig. 93). Does the lamp light in a most magical manner before the match touches the wick?

Repeat this with a kerosene lamp and with a candle. Do they light in the same magical manner? The "why" of it When the lamp is lighted, the alcohol or kerosene turns to a gas, and it is the gas which burns; when the candle is lighted, the wax turns to an oil, the oil turns to a gas, and it is the gas which burns.

The gas rises from the wick for a short time after the flame is blown out, and it is this gas which lights when you bring the match down toward the wick.