Take a piece of No. 4 tube about 6 inches long, close one end, smooth the other, and allow it to cool. Take another piece 3 inches long, close one end, and allow it to cool.

Now make a hole in the side of the first tube at a point 5 inches from the closed end. Do this as described in the last experiment but leave the hole projecting beyond the side of the tube (1, Fig. 76).

A Repeating Air Gun

Fig. 78. A Repeating Air Gun

Four Way Junction

Fig. 79. Four-Way Junction

Now heat the edge of the hole and the end of the short piece in the lamp flame, and make a joint (2, Fig. 76) exactly as described in Experiment 53. Be particular to heat and blow all around the joint at least three times to make the glass uniform, and on the last blowing leave the joint a little larger than the tube. Cut off the closed ends, make the arms equal in length, smooth the ends, and your tee is made (3, Fig. 76).

Your first attempt may not be beautiful, but if you will repeat the heating and gentle blowing often enough, the joint will be strong, which is the main point.

Repeat until you can make a tee easily.

Make a tee with No. 2 tubing.

Your flame is hardly large enough to make a tee with No. 6 tubing.