Take a piece of No. 4 tubing about 3 inches long and close one end.

Take a piece of No, 6 tubing, attach a handle to one end, heat the No. 6 tube in the blowpipe flame about 1 inch from this end and draw it down to smaller size.

Break the small part at a point where it is about the size of the No. 4 tube. If the hole is too large, heat the edge until it is a little too small and flare it out with the flaring tool. If the hole is too small, heat the edge and flare it out.

Now heat the ends of both tubes (Fig. 74), and join them as described in the last experiment.

Making a tee

Making a tee

Three armed siphon

Fig. 77. Three-armed siphon

Repeat the operation of heating and blowing at least three times.

Join a No. 4 and a No. 2 tube in the same way.