Make a nozzle 6 inches long out of No. 2 tube. Smooth the ends of the nozzle, and long tubes. Arrange the apparatus as in Fig. 50 and suck air out of the nozzle until the water runs in the siphon. Does the water squirt out of the nozzle in a magical manner?

Experiment 37. More Magic

Arrange the No. 2 apparatus as in Fig. 51, with the nozzle inside the bottle. Now to start the apparatus: Fill the bottle about quarter full of water, insert the tubes in the stopper as shown; insert the stopper into the mouth of the bottle; invert the bottle; then put the short tube in a tumbler full of water and the long tube in an empty pail or basin. Is there a magical fountain inside the bottle?

Experiment 37 More Magic 60

Fig. 50

You make a number OF Magic fountains

Fig. 51. You make a number OF Magic fountains

Experiment 37 More Magic 62

Fig. 52

Repeat this with a taller bottle, if you can find one to fit your two-hole stopper. Do you get a higher fountain?

Experiment 38. Still More Magic

Make another nozzle and attach it to the apparatus used in the last experiment by means of the inverted siphon (Fig. 52).

Start the experiment as described above. Do you get two fountains ?