Draw a target on a piece of paper and hang it up, away from the wall or at the edge of the table, where there will be space behind for the arrows to pass through. Now shoot at the target with your air gun (Fig. 39). Do you find that the arrow makes holes in the target and sometimes goes right through ?

The bull's-eye of a target is usually 1 inch in diameter, the next circle outside is 2 inches in diameter, the next 4 inches, and the outer circle 5 inches.

Get up a shooting match and keep track of the score made by each.

If the bull's-eye is cut anywhere by the arrow, the count is 5 points; a cut anywhere inside or touching the 2-inch circle counts 4 points ; anywhere inside or touching the next two circles counts 3 and 2 points respectively. The one who makes the highest score in five shots is the winner.

It is more sanitary if each shooter has his own air gun and? arrows

A Shooting Match

Fig. 39. A Shooting Match

Experiment 26. Height And Distance Contest

Go outside and see which of you can shoot his arrow to the greatest height and to the greatest distance. Give each contestant live shots.

You can make fair estimates of the heights if you shoot up beside a building or tall tree.