244. Acceptance Or Rejection

If all of the tests on a given sample are satisfactory, the date of acceptance is placed in the proper column of the barrel book. It only remains then to mark the barrels "O. K.," and issue them when needed, placing the date of issue in the column indicated. If, however, some of the tests have given unsatisfactory results, the failure is noted in the "defects" column of the barrel book, and the barrel is resampled to determine whether the failure was due to faulty manipulation. If finally rejected, the barrel is prominently marked to prevent its being issued for use.

It is seen from the above that the history of each barrel is given in the barrel book, and the record of any brand is given in a condensed form in the summary book.

245. Special Tests

When special tests are made to investigate the effects of variations in manipulation, or for any other special purpose, such as to test the value of certain kinds of sand, it becomes convenient to have still another form which may be called a "series book." In this the results are so arranged that they may be studied for conclusions, and tables for reports may be copied directly from it. A sample form is given on preceding page. Should extra rulings be needed, they may be placed at the right in the "remarks" column.