The Father of Heaven.

SPIN, daughter Mary, spin,

Twirl your wheel with silver din ;

Spin, daughter Mary, spin,

Spin a tress for Viola.


Spin, Queen Mary, a

Brown tress for Viola !

The Father of Heaven.

Weave, hands angelical,

Weave a woof of flesh to pali-

Weave, hands angelical-

Flesh to pall our Viola.


Weave, singing brothers, a

Velvet flesh for Viola !

The Father of Heaven.

Scoop, young Jesus, for her eyes,

Wood-browned pools of Paradise-

Young Jesus, for the eyes,

For the eyes of Viola.


Tint, Prince Jesus, a

Duskèd eye for Viola !

The Father of Heaven.

Cast a star therein to drown,

Like a torch in cavern brown,

Sink a burning star to drown

Whelmed in eyes of Viola


Lave, Prince Jesus, a

S tar in ey es of Viola !

The Father of Heaven.

Breathe, Lord Paraclete,

To a bubbled crystal meet-

Breathe, Lord Paraclete-

Crystal soul for Viola.


Breathe, Regal Spirit, a

Flashing soul for Viola !

The Father of Heaven.

Child-angels, from your wings

Fall the roseal hoverings,

Child-angels, from your wings,

On the cheeks of Viola.


Linger, rosy reflex, a

Quenchless stain, on Viola !

All things being accomplished, saith the Father of Heaven:

Bear her down, and hearing, sing,

Bear her down on spyless wing,

Bear her down, and hearing, sing,

With a sound of viola.


Music as her name is, a

Sweet sound of Viola !

Wheeling angels, past espiai,

Danced her down with sound of viol;

Wheeling angels, past espiai,

Descanting on " Viola,"


Sing, in our footing, a

Lovely hit of " Viola ! "

Baby smiled, mother wailed,

Earthward while the s weetling sailed ;

Mother smiled, baby wailed,

When to earth carne Viola •

And her eiders shall say:

So soon have we taught you a

Way to weep, poor Viola !

Smile, sweet baby, smile,

For you will have weeping-while ;

Native in your Heaven is smile,-

But your weeping, Viola ?

Whence your smiles, we know, but ah I

Whence your weeping, Viola ?-

Our first gift to you is a

Gift of tears, my Viola !