Not many hours after the announcement of this important fact, strings of camels and carts of the strange, peculiar fashion common to that country, might have been observed wending their way out of the station. On these were piled, in apparent confusion, boxes and bundles of every size and form of which such articles are capable. Overland trunks and six-dozen deal cases may be considered, however, to have preponderated. In most instances these were surmounted by charpoys, or low bedsteads, and on these again, in one or two cases, were tied baskets, through whose open spaces protruded the heads of fowls, with much cackling. Horses, clothed in their light, gay, day Jules, the production of the looms of Broach or Tannah, each led by its spear-laden syce, passed at intervals, alone or in small detachments. Several dirty boys, too, led by chains their masters' dogs. In one or two instances these animals showed fair breeding; but in general, according to home notions, were but poor apologies for terriers or spaniels. Indeed, it would have been difficult, in most cases, to decide of what particular genus the mongrel most partook, or what strains had been introduced to produce the wonderful hybrid exhibited.

One or two of the older servants were mounted on four-legged creatures, to which popular courtesy gave the name of ponies ; but by far the larger number walked out of cantonments, many, doubtless, with the intention of climbing on to some cunningly-contrived space on cart or camel when once fairly away. A few women, wives of the syces or other low-caste followers, accompanied the various detached parties, all of which left long tracks of dust behind them.

Much twisting of bullocks' tails and voluble objurgation had been necessary to get those erratic animals well on their way; but when once set going they plodded along at an average rate of about a mile an hour, and were soon left in the rear by the horses and camels.

It is not with them, however, but with the owners of the property thus conveyed, that we have now to do.