Some exception was taken to the introduction of fictitious, in place of real, names of places described by me in a former book of sport. Fully admitting the justice of the criticism on behalf of those who really care to localise the scenes of the adventures related, I have, in the following pages, specified by name the spot where each occurred.

They are with the few exceptions referred to in the Appendix, and marked in the text by a double asterisk scenes and incidents where I was myself present, or in which I was personally engaged as an actor, either principal or subsidiary.

Each anecdote is, in outline, actually true. I have but filled in the bare skeleton of my journals, and, in some instances, endeavoured to account for the proceedings of others engaged, whilst relating the part' taken by myself in each affair. I have not identified myself with any particular sportsman, but have credited to either, as the narrative seemed to render desirable, the part taken by myself.

I need hardly observe that the descriptions of solitary hunting of whatever nature interspersed throughout the work, are, necessarily, the records of my own unaided performances. For their general accuracy I vouch.

I have thought it best, even, to introduce the exact bags of small game made by myself at the places indicated, where reference is made to the numerical amount brought in by the hunters.

I have adopted the plan of making the hunters compare former experiences round a log-fire, in the evening, after the clay's hunting was over.

This appears to me to be the simplest maimer of bringing together a number of anecdotes of sport occurring at widely-separated periods and places.

Regarding the main narrative itself, each incident happened as related at the place specified, though not all on one hunting trip. As the actors necessarily varied, their performances have been vested in my characters, who are simply agents, under fictitious names, and not intended to represent the individuality of any of my former comrades. I have so disposed of the total number employed as to leave the field composed of the actual number present on each occasion, as far as my notes and memory are able to specify.

The principal sport treated of is that of Hog-hunting. I have endeavoured, both by pen and pencil, to give to the uninitiated some general idea of this sport to my mind one of the most attractive in the world as I have enjoyed it in the countries indicated.

But I have by no means confined myself to a chronicle of that sport alone. Numerous anecdotes and incidents of various sports and other adventures are included in my narrative. I hope they will prove of as much interest to him who reads as their compilation has proved to him who writes.

The Author.