" It is a long time ago, but I remember the whole scene as vividly as if it were but a year since. I was only a lad then, and was attached to a regiment at Ahmednuggur, and had just passed my drill, after an Indian experience extending to four months, so was still in my early griffinage. During my sojourn with a kind old friend, after my arrival in Bombay, I had, by his advice, bought out of .the dealer s stables, a little bay galloway, which, though slight, was up to my light weight, and turned out a good jumper, and active across country. It was the first beast I could ever properly call my own for a pony of my father s, which had the honour of carrying others of my brethren as well as myself, could hardly be deemed such and was consequently a great pet, and object of unbounded interest. I believe I used to spend about half my day in the stable in watching him, and a good deal of the remaining portion was occupied in riding him. However, my attentions insured his getting his full feed of corn each day, without any cribbing; and so he was benefited by my company.

" Shortly before the hunting meet, I had made another addition to my stud, in the shape of a diminutive tattoo, which had cost me the magnificent sum of twenty rupees, or two pounds sterling. This noble quadruped was destined to carry me out shooting on the days I was unable to hunt ' Mab,' and act as a sort of general assistant to that animal. I remember with what delight and gratification I saw my stud start for Arkola one morning across the parade ground, on which I was then engaged at my morning duties.

" A day or two afterwards I accomplished the forty miles to Arkola, on horses borrowed or hired, and there found assembled a party which by dinner-time amounted to about a dozen, some of whom had come all the way from Bombay, with fine studs of horses.

" Most of them were experienced hunters, and I the only one who had never seen a wild pig killed. I had, of course, heard of ' pig-sticking,' but had a very indistinct notion as to how it was managed, or how my spear was to be handled.