Norman this time took no notice of the interruptions, for he wisely considered that nine to one were odds in a chaffing match with which it was useless to contend, so he continued rapidly:

"My proposal is this. That as we have met for sport, we compare our sporting experiences in other districts, and each relate any little incidents, either from his journal or memory, which may be deemed of interest to the others. I vote we go and have our pipes round a log-fire outside, and commence now. The fresh air is better than this close little tent. There, that's my ridiculus mus, Stewart,"

" Not a bad idea, after all," said Stewart. " I am bound to say the mountain has been unexpectedly successful, and the mouse has turned out to be an elephant."

The proposal was vigorously approved by most of those present, more especially by the sailor and one or two of the younger members, who without any experiences of their own to relate, were glad enough to hear those of others.