An Agreement made and entered into the day of 19 , , between A B of (hereinafter called the lessor), of the one part, and CD of [or C D , E F , and G H , members of and on behalf of the Society] (hereinafter called the tenants), of the other part.

Whereby the lessor agrees to let, and the tenants to take, all the lessor's rights of fishing in the river [or pool, or lake as the case may be], in the parish of , in the county of , in or adjoining the lands of the lessor in the occupation of [or in his own occupation], known as [set out names], [The description, by reference to the Ordnance map, is best, but this is given as an alternative form], for the term of [set out week, month, or year] from the day of at the rent of per [week, or month, or year], the first rent to be paid on the execution of these presents, and the subsequent rent in advance on the first day of each successive [week, month, or year], during which the tenancy continues, upon the terms and conditions hereinafter contained.

The Tenants Agree With The Lessor

1. To pay the rent at the times hereinbefore appointed for payment, and to pay any rates, taxes, and assessments that may become payable, other than land tax, landlords' property tax, and tithe rent charge.

2. To keep up and maintain a good stock of fish, and not to allow the stock to decrease below its present condition.

3. Not to use any unlawful means or modes of fishing, or any means or modes of fishing that are, or may be, unduly destructive.

4. To preserve the fish in the said fishery, and to prosecute all poachers and persons who shall illegally fish in the fishery.

5. Not to allow any unclean or unseasonable fish to be taken.

6. Not to use any net in the said fishery within one month of the termination of this agreement.

The Lessor Agrees With The Tenants

7. Not to do, or permit to be done, any act that will injure or damage the fishery.

8. To keep and maintain free access to the fishery, and all parts thereof for the tenants, their agents, and servants.

9. To prosecute, or allow the tenants to use his name in prosecuting, all persons found poaching or illegally fishing, and to authorise the tenants, or their servants, to exercise on his behalf all powers of seizure given by the Larceny Act, 1866, or by any other statutes.

10. That the tenants paying the rent and performing the agreements and conditions above contained shall quietly enjoy the said fishery during the continuance of this agreement.

In Witness, Etc

This agreement is in the simplest form possible. All the necessary special clauses to meet any case can be taken either from the preceding or succeeding forms, and altered to suit the particular case. Much depends on the kind of fishing and what is wanted to be done. No. 6 has been inserted to prevent a tenant taking out the best fish before leaving.

This must be under seal, and all that has been said as to the right of the lessor to enter into the agreement under No. i applies equally here. Any agreement for a house or shooting, or any other take, can easily be adapted for fishing by adding the appropriate clauses and executing it under seal.