Is well known as a most delicious fish, and in angling for them an exceedingly stiff and strong top must be had to the rod, a strong gut line, heavy float, and from ten to twelve hooks, about eight or nine inches apart; the hooks will stand better from the line if tied on a fine bristle. Use No. 9 hooks, baited with a small piece of an Eel, or pieces of a Smelt, the bottom hook touching the ground. When a Smelt bites, he invariably throws the float up, almost all other fish pull it down.

They are sometimes fished for without a float, having a small piece of lead at the bottom which must just touch the ground, gently raising and sinking it till the bite is felt; this is called dip-fishing, and is the most destructive way of killing Smelts. From July to November and December, is the most proper season for angling for this fish, and the most successful time is very early or very late.