Reference to the many rivers of the Dominion to which anglers resort would not be complete without including the Margarie of Cape Breton, the Jupiter and Dauphine of Anti-costi Island, and the Humber, Castor, Gauder, and Exploits, and a good dozen others, of Newfoundland. The Margarie and Newfoundland are easily reached by regular steamers from Halifax, while Anticosti is accessible by chaloupes which run frequently from Quebec to the island in the fishing season.

At the present time all available Salmon rivers lie below Quebec. But twenty years ago, and previously, the Jacques Carrier, above Quebec, was noted for its fish, and a hundred years ago many streams which empty into Lake Ontario contained Salmon. Perhaps some day all of them may be restored. In such event ambitious wielders of the ambidextrous rod will not be obliged to go to the Natashquan, nor pay from $1,000 to $6,000 for a brief period of sport. Nevertheless, there is nothing in life better worth the paying for; and any man who has tussled with a big Salmon and brought him to gaff may well feel himself a hero, and join with a venerable Godbout River poet, who is now far in the decline of life, after boating and grassing hundreds of goodly Salmon, in the epigram:

"At last the dubious fight is o'er! The battle has been fairly won, And the coveted prize lies safe on shore. A beauty! a twenty-pounder good! Hurrah! a prettier Salmon sure Was ne'er seen beneath the sun." by charles hallock.

The Salmon 5