Some one has said that the easiest way to write a book is to get some one else to write it. I pondered over this remark for several days and then said to myself: " If it be well to get some one else to write it, would it not be better to get several others ? " Surely.

And so I requested a number of my good friends, ardent anglers, careful students of Ichthyology, and men who wield the pen as gracefully as the fly-rod, to tell the world what they know of their favorites of the crystal waters. Hence this book.

It would be impossible for me to express my thanks to these gentlemen, in words, for their noble work, but every reader of this book will join me in praising their efforts and in wishing them long life and a full measure of that grand sport they have taught us to love.

One of my contributors, dear old Francis Endicott, has, since penning his charming paper on the Striped Bass, gone to his reward. Peace to his ashes ! May an eternity of cool shades and sparkling waters be his portion.

The Editor.