This is the first word and the first speech: There were neither men nor brutes, neither birds, fish nor crabs, stick nor stone, valley nor mountain, stubble nor forest, nothing but the sky.

The face of the land was hidden; there was naught but the silent sea and the sky.

There was nothing joined, nor any sound, nor thing that stirred; neither any to do evil, nor to rumble in the heavens, nor a walker on foot; only the silent waters, only the pacified ocean, only it in its calm.

Nothing was, but stillness and rest and darkness and the night.

Nothing but the Maker and Moulder, the Hurler, the Bird Serpent.

In the waters, in a limpid twilight, covered with green feathers, slept the mothers and the fathers.

And over all passed Hurakan, the night-wind, the black rushing Raven, and cried with rumbling croak, "Earth!

Earth!" and straightway the solid land was there.- (From Ximenes).

Clean Fatherhood

"This is the sum of everything that is noble and honorable - Clean Fatherhood," the words of Chief Capilano of the Squamish. (Pauline Johnson's "Legends of Vancouver," 1912, p 10).

Omaha Proverbs

"Stolen food never satisfies hunger".

"A poor man is a hard rider".

"All persons dislike a borrower".

"No one mourns the thriftless".

"The path of the lazy leads to disgrace".

"A man must make his own arrows".

"A handsome face does not make a good husband".

(Fletcher - La Flesche, Eth. Ann. 27 p. 604)