An Indian showed me this, though I have since seen it among whites!

Put your hands together as in the drawing, palms also touching.

The thumbs are you and your brother. You can separate easily - like that.

The first fingers are you and your father, you can separate not quite so easily - like that:

The little fingers are you and your sister, you can separate, but that comes a little harder still - like that.

The middle fingers are you and your mother, you can separate, but it is hard - see that. The ring fingers are you and your sweetheart, you cannot separate without everything else going first to pieces.

The Lone Star Trick

A Texan showed me an interesting trick On the table. He took six wooden toothpicks, bent them sharply in the middle, and laid them down in the form shown in "A".

"Now," he says, "when our people got possession of Texas, it was nothing but a wilderness of cactus spines.

The Lone Star Trick 143

See them there! Then they began irrigating. (Here he put a spoonful of water in the centre of the spines.) And then a change set in and kept on until they turned into the Lone Star State".

As we watched, the water caused the toothpicks to straighten out until they made the pattern of a star as in "B".