The boy scouts of woodcraft camp

The boy scouts on swift river

The boy scouts on lost trail

The boy scouts in a trapper's camp

Thornton W.Burgess

THORNTON W. BURGESS was born in Sandwich, Massachusetts, January 14, 1874. He graduated from the Sandwich High School in 1891, afterward taking a course in Comer's Commercial College, Boston. After a few years in business life he entered the editorial field as one of the editors of the Phelps Publishing and Orange Judd Companies and was for several years one of the editors of Good Housekeeping Magazine, for which he wrote extensively.

For some years he has been a contributor to many of the leading magazines. Over the name of W. B. Thornton he won recognition as a writer on out-door life and nature topics. He is an ardent lover of nature and since boyhood has spent his spare time in the woods and fields. His vacations have been spent with rod, gun and camera,camping and canoe cruising. Among his books are: The Boy Scouts of Woodcraft Camp The Boy Scouts on Swift River The Boy Scouts on lost Trail The Boy Scouts in a Trapper's Camp

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