Is not an Italian, but is a long name for a short implement. The speygelia is a forked stick or a notched stick (Figs. 71, 72 and 73), which is either propped up on a forked stick (Fig. 71) and the lower end held down by a stone in such a manner that the fork at the upper end offers a place to hang things over, or in front of the fire, sometimes a notched stick is used in the same manner as Fig. 73. Where the ground is soft to permit it, the stick is driven diagonally into the earth, which may hold it in place without other support. The speygelia is much used by cow-punchers and other people in places where wood is scarce.

The Pot Claw

The Saster

The saster is a long pole used in the same manner as the speygelia. Meat is suspended from it in front of the fire to roast (Figs. 74 1/2 and 75), or kettles are suspended from it over the fire to boil water (Fig. 74).