Will be best understood by inspecting the diagrams (Figs. 64, 65 and 66), which show its evolution or gradual growth. By these diagrams you will see the stick is so cut that the fork may be hooked over the waugan-stick and the cooking utensils, pots or kettles may be hung over the fire by slipping their handles into the notch cut in the stick on the side opposite to the fork and near the lower end of the pot-claw. This is a real honest-to-goodness Buckskin or Sourdough pot-hook; it is one that requires little time to manufacture and one that is easily made wherever sticks grow, or wherever "whim" sticks or driftwood may be found heaped upon the shore.

* The pots will balance better if the notches are on the same side.

The Pot Claw