Campers have been known to be so fastidious as to demand a broiler to go with their kit; at the same time there was enough of the real camper in them to cause them to avoid carrying unwieldy broilers such as are used in our kitchens. Consequently they compromise by packing a handful of telegraph wires of even length with their duffel (Fig. 81), each wire having its ends carefully bent in the form of a hook (Fig. 82), which may be adjusted over two green sticks resting upon two log fire-dogs (Fig. 83), and upon the wires, so arranged, meat and fish may be nicely broiled.

This is not a bad scheme, but the campers should have a little canvas bag in which they may pack the wires, otherwise the camper will sooner or later throw them away rather than be annoyed by losing one every now and then. Figs. 84, 85, 86, 87 and 88 show a little

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