Is another bank pit, and one that I have seen used in Montana by Japanese railroad hands. It is made by digging a hole in the bank and using shelves either made of stones or old pieces of iron. Fig. 116 shows the cross section of the Gold

Digger with the stone door in place. Fig. 117 shows a perspective view of the gold digger with the stone door resting at one side.

We next come to the ovens, the first of which is known as

The Bank Pit

The Ferguson Camp Stove

It is made by building a rounded hut of stones or sod (Fig. 118), and covering the same with branches over which sod, or clay, or dirt is heaped (Fig. 119). The oven is heated by building the fire inside of it, and when it is very hot and the fire has burned down, the food is placed inside and the opening stopped up so as to retain the heat and thus cook the food.

The Gold Digger