Water may be boiled in a birch bark vessel made by folding up a more or less square piece of bark, bending in the corner (Fig. 157) folds and holding them in place by thorns or slivers (Fig. 156). Or the stomach of a large animal or piece of green hide may be filled with water and the latter made hot by throwing in it hot stones (Fig. 158). Dig a hole in the ground, fit the rawhide in the hole, bringing the edges up so as to overlap the sod, weigh down the edges with stones, fill the hide with water and heat with hot stones. Figs. 159 and 160 show how to make tongs with which to handle the stones.

Mud Cooking

*The best plank is made from the oaks grown on the hammocks of Southern Florida and the peculiar flavor this plank gives to shad has made Planked Shad famous.