How To Choose A Saddle

Evolution Of The Mexican Saddle

Birth Of The Bluff Fronted Saddle The Cowboy Age

Sawbucks Or Pack Saddles Straight Leg And Bent Knee Names Of Parts Of Saddle Center Fire And Double Cinch


We know that comparatively few of our boys take their hikes on horseback, especially their camping hikes. But a lot of their daddies and big brothers do take their horse, and the pack horse on their hunting and fishing trips, and every boy wants to know how to do the things his daddy knows how to do. Besides all that, the author is aware of the fact that the daddies and the uncles and the big brothers are reading all the stuff he puts out for the boys. They are constantly quoting to the author things that he has said to the boys, so that now in writing a book for the boys he must count them in.