Is built between two logs, two rows of stones, or sods (Figs. 98, 99 and 100); between these logs the fire is usually built, using the sides as fire-dogs, or the sticks may be placed in the turkey-lay (Fig. 100), so that the sticks themselves make a fire-dog and allow, for a time, a draught until the fire is burning briskly, after which it settles down to hot embers and is in the proper condition for frying. For be it known that too hot a griddle will set the grease or bacon afire, which may be funny under ordinary circumstances, but when one is shy of bacon it is a serious thing. The

The Aures

Ordinary Baking Fire Lay

Is shown by Fig. 101. In this instance, the frying pans being used as reflector ovens are propped up by running sticks through the holes in their handles.