Better end braces are rigged with a pair of long guy ropes each of which has a loop in the middle to go over the upright spindle and a regulating lashing at each end. These may be made fast to corner stakes set diagonally outward from the tent corners, as with army hospital tents; but a better plan is what I call the storm set (Fig. 10), in which the ropes are carried backward to the opposite corners. The storm set leaves both ends of the tent free from obstruction, takes less room, does not tend to Dull apart a jointed ridge polev if such is used, keeps the fly from " ballooning " when wind gets under it, and is the most secure of all end braces because the strain each way is met by ropes pulling, over a triangle of wide base, directly back against the wind.

Storm Set.

Fig. 10. Storm Set.

In the illustration, the loop at middle of one guy is slipped over the spindle A, one end is drawn back to C and the other to the stake opposite C. Similarly the other guy runs from B to D and E.