The exciting cause is eating certain varieties of food that have partly putre-fied, such as meat, sausage, fish, shellfish, cheese, and especially, in the case of campers, canned meats, etc., that have spoiled.

It is distinguished from cholera morbus by marked nervous symptoms (twitching of facial muscles, tingling sensations, dilated pupils, breathlessness, dizziness, perhaps convulsions) and usually a low temperature.

Cause repeated vomiting by giving three or four glasses of warm water, each containing salt or mustard. Then give stimulants to support the heart and nerve force. Put the victim to bed, with head low, and apply dry heat. If a syringe can be procured, empty the lower bowel with an injection of soapsuds and water. After a thorough cleaning out, give an intestinal antiseptic.

Poisoning From Mushrooms (Or From Unknown Plants)

Treat as for ptomaine poisoning. In case of mushroom poisoning, if the patient can swallow, get some charcoal from the camp-fire, powder and administer it. This may absorb much of the poison. Castor oil is the best purgative, to be followed by a soapsuds enema. Atropine by injection, if you have it; otherwise, unless you can get a physician within two or three hours, the chance of recovery is slight; but do your best.