About the best thing of this sort, for average campers who do not have to go very light, is the "Household (B)" first aid box fitted up by the American National Red Cross, Washington, D. C. The case is of heavy tin, 10 x 9 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, white enameled inside and out, and contains rhe following articles:

1 2-oz. bottle Alcohol. 1 2-oz. bottle Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia. 1 2-oz. bottle Syrup of Ipecac. 1 2-oz. bottle Jamaica Ginger. 1 2-oz. bottle Liniment. " 2-dram vial Olive Oil.

1 2-dram vial Oil of Cloves.

1 Bottle Soda Mint Tablets.

1 Bottle Cascara Sagrada Tablets.

2 Iodine Containers.

1 Package A. R. C. Finger Dressings (6).

1 Package A. R. C. Small Dressings (3).

2 A. R. C. First Aid Outfits.

6 Assorted Bandages.

1 i-yard package Picric.

Acid Gauze. 1 Spool Adhesive Plaster, x Pair Scissors.

1 Paper Safety Pins.

6 Wooden Tongue Depressors.

1 Medicine Dropper.

1 Package Paper Cups.

1 Tourniquet.

1 Clinical Thermometer.

1 2-oz. Package Absorbent Cotton.

Brief directions telling how to use these are pasted inside the lid, but one should order at the same time a copy of the excellent little American Red Cross Abridged Text-book on First Aid (General Edition) by Major Charles Lynch, Medical Corps, U. S. A. For prices see the Red Cross catalogue, which is sent free on application to the address given above.