If it is only a flesh wound from a rifle or pistol, simply apply a sterilized compress and bandage it in place, being careful not to touch the bullet hole with your fingers or anything else unclean. When a bone is broken, apply splintr If the bullet has not gone through, but is deeply embedded, let it alone; the chances are that it will do no serious harm. Never probe a bullet wound. Do not pick out pellets of shot unless they are just underneath the skin.

If bits of clothing have been driven into the wound, and they are not too deep to reach by a little cutting, remove them; the cloth is almost sure to be alive with germs.

When there is extensive laceration, as from an expanding bullet, or from a charge of shot fired at close quarters, check the bleeding, apply an antiseptic dressing, keep the patient still so as not to renew bleeding, and treat for shock. No stimulants, unless absolutely necessary to prevent collapse.