Hydrophyllum Virginicum. Woods. Quebec to Alaska, south to S. C, Kan., Wash. May-Aug.

"Furnishes good greens. Reappears after being picked off, and does not become woody for a long time".

It would extend this chapter bevond reasonable limits if I were to give details of all the wild fruits native to the region here considered. As fruits may be eaten raw, or require no special treatment in cooking, a mere list of them, with the time of ripening, must suffice:

Carolina Buckthorn

Rhamnus Caroliniana. Sep.

Woolly-leaved Buckthorn. Bumelia languinosa. June-July.


Lepargyraea argentea. July-Aug. American Barberry. Berberis Canadensis. Aug.-Sep.

Common Barberry

Berberis vulgaris. Sep. Naturalized.

Bailey's Blackberry

Rubus Baileyanus.

Bristly Blackberry

R. setosus.

Dewberry. R

Canadensis. June-July.

High Bush Blackberry

R. villosus. July-Aug.

Hispid Blackberry. R

hispidus. Aug.

Low Bush Blackberry

R. trivialis.

Millspaugh's Blackberry. R. Millspaughii. Aug.-Sep.

Mountain Blackberry

R. Alleghaniensis. Aug.-Sep.

Sand Blackberry. R

Cuneifolius. July-Aug. Dwarf Bilberry. Vaccinium caespitosum. Aug. Great Bilberry. V> uliginosum. July-Aug. Oval-leaved Bilberry. V. ovalifolium. July-Aug. Thin-leaved Bilberry. V. membranaceum. July-Aug.

Black Blueberry

Vatrococcum. July-Aug. Canada Blueberry. V. Canadense. July-Aug. Dwarf Blueberry. V. Pennyslvanicum. June-July.

High Bush Blueberry

V. corymbosum. July-Aug.

Low Blueberry. V

vacillans. July-Aug.

Low Black Blueberry

V. nigrum. July.

Mountain Blueberry

V. pallidum. July-Aug.

Southern Black Huckleberry

V. virgatum. July.

Mountain Cranberry

Windberry. V. Vitis-Idaea. A ug.-Sep.

Black Huckleberry

Gaylussacia resinosa. July Aug.

Box Huckleberry

G. brachycera. Dwarf Huckleberry. G. dumosa. July-Aug. Tangleberry. G. frondosa. July-Aug. Appalachian Cherry. Prunus cuneata. Choke Cherry. P. Virginiana. July-Aug. (Edible later).

Sand Cherry

P. pumila. Aug.

Sour Cherry

Egriot. P. Cerasus. June-July. Naturalized.

Western Wild Cherry

P. demissa. Aug.

Western Sand Cherry

P. Besseyi.

Wild Cherry

Crab Cherry. P. Avium. Naturalized.

Wild Black Cherry

P. serotina. Aug.-Sep.

Wild Red Cherry

P. Pennsylvania. Aug.

American Crab-Apple

Sweet-scented C. Malus coronaria. Sept.-Oct.

Narrow-Leaved Crab-Apple

M. angustifolia.

Soulard Crab-Apple

M. Soulardi.

Western Crab-Apple

M. Ioensis.

American Cranberry

Oxycoccus macrocarpus. Sep.-Oct.

Small Cranberry

Bog C. O. Oxycoccus. Aug.-Sep.

Southern Mountain Cranberry

O. erythrocarpus. July-Sep.

Cranberry Tree

Viburnum Opulus. Aug.-Sep. Crowberry. Curlew-berry. Empetrum nigrum. Summer.

Golden Current

Buffalo or Missouri C. Ribei aureum.

Northern Black Currant

P.. Hudsonianum. Red Currant. R. rubrum.

Wild Black Currant

R. floridurn. July-Aug. Elderberry. Sambucus Canadensis. Aug. Wild Gooseberry. Dogberry. Ribes Cynosbati. Aug.

Missouri Gooseberry

R. gracile. Northern Gooseberry. R. oxyacanthoides. July-Aug.

Round-Leaved Gooseberry

R. rotundifolium. July-Aug.

Swamp Gooseberry

Riacustre. July-Aug. Bailey's Grape. Vitis Baileyana. Blue Grape. Winter G. V. bicolor. Downy Grape. V. cinerea. Frost Grape. V. cordifolia. Oct.-Nov. Missouri Grape. V. palmata. Oct. Northern Fox Grape. V. Labrusca. Aug.-Sep. Riverside Grape. Sweet-scented G. V. vulpina. July-Oct.

Sand Grape

Sugar G. V. rupestris. Aug. Southern Fox Grape. V. rotundifolia. Aug.-Sep.

Summer Grape

V. aestivalis. Sep.-Oct:

Ground Cherry

Physalis, several species.


Celtis occidentalis. Sep.-Oct. Berries dry but edible.

Black Haw

Viburnum prunifolium. Sep.-Oct.

Scarlet Haw

Red H. Crataegus mollis. Sep.' Oct.

May Apple

Mandrake. Podophyllum peltatum. July.


Passiflora incarnata; also P. lutea. Fruit known as Maypops.


Asimina triloba. Fruit edible when frost-bitten.


Diospyros Virginiana. Fruit edible after frost.

Beach Plum

Prunus martima. Sep-Oct. Canada Plum. P. nigra. Aug. Chickasaw Plum. P. angustifolia. May-July. Low Plum. P- gracilis. Porter's Plum. P. Alleghaniensis. Aug. Watson's Plum. P. Watsoni. Wild Goose Plum. P. hortulana. Sep-Oct. Wild Red Plum. Yellow P. P. Americana. Aug.-Oct.

Ground Plum

Astragalus crassicarpus; also A. Mexicanus. Unripe fruit resembles green plums, and is eaten raw or cooked.

Black Raspberry

Thimble-berry. Rubus oc* cidentalis. July.


R. Chamaemorus.

Dwarf Raspberry

R. Americanus. July-Aug-Purple Wild Raspberry. R. neglectus. July-Aug.

Purple-Flowering Raspberry

R. odoratus. July-Sep.


R. parviflorus. July-Sep.

Wild Red Raspberry

R. strigosus. July-Sep.


June-berry. Amelanchier Canadensis. June-July.

Low June-Berry

A. spicata.

Northwestern June-Berry

A. alnifolia.

Round-Leaved June-Berry

A. rotundifolia. Aug.


A. Botryapium. June-July.

Silver Berry

Elaeagnus argentea. July-Aug.

Creeping Snowberry

Chiogenes hispidula. Aug.-Sep. Berries have flavor or sweet birch.

American Wood Strawberry

Fragaria Americana.

Northern Wild Strawberry

F. Canadensis.

Virginia Strawberry

Scarlet S. F. Virginiana.