" The poison of the serpent, the venom of the dog, the sharpness of the spear, doth not well in man. The blood of one dog, the blood of many dogs, the blood of the hound of Fliethas-these I invoke. It is not a wart to which my spittle is applied. I strike disease; I strike wounds. I strike the disease of the dog that bites, of the thorn that wounds, of the iron that strikes. I invoke the three daughters of Fliethas against the serpent. Benediction on this body to be healed ; benediction on the spittle ; benediction on him who casts out the disease. In the name of God. Amen."

A Charm For A Sore Breast

To be said in Irish, while a piece of butter is rubbed over the breast :-

"O Son, see how swelled is the breast of the woman! O you that bore a Son, look at it yourself ! O Mary ! O King of Heaven, let this woman be healed ! Amen."

A Charm For A Wound

Close the wound tightly with the two fingers, and repeat these words slowly-

" In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Mary. The wound was red, the cut was deep, and the flesh was sore ; but there will be no more blood, and no more pain, till the blessed Virgin Mary bears a child again."