"I kill the evil; I kill the worm in the flesh, the worm in the grass, I put a venomous charm in the murderous pain. The charm that was set by Peter and Paul ; the charm that kills the worm in the flesh, in the tooth, in the body."

This oration to be said three times, while the patient is rubbed with butter on the place of the pain.


A happy mild charm, a charm which Christ discovered. The charm that kills the worm in the flesh.

" May Peter take, may Paul take, may Michael take, the pain away, the cruel pain that kills the back and the life, and darkens the eyes."

This oration written, and tied to a hare's foot, is always to be worn by the person afflicted, hung round the neck.

A Charm For A Sprain

In the Western Isles the following charm is used for a sprain

A strand of black wool is wound round and round the ankle, while the operator recites in a low voice-

" The Lord rade and the foal slade, He lighted and He righted ; Set joint to joint and bone to bone,

And sinew unto sinew. In the name of God and the Saints, Of Mary and her Son, Let this man be healed, amen."

A similar charm was used in Germany in the tenth century, according to Jacob Grimm.

A Charm For A Pain In The Side

" God save you, my three brothers, God save you ! And how far have ye to go, my three brothers ? "

" To the Mount of Olivet, to bring back gold for a cup to hold the tears of Christ." ,

" Go, then. Gather the gold ; and may the tears or Christ fall on it, and thou wilt be cured, both body and soul."

These words must be said while a drink is given to the patient.