Next to the Sun and Moon, the planets are the most important factors in a horoscope. So to be able to cast one intelligently, one must know the character and qualities of each planet.

Then, knowing their character, and finding out where each planet is at the time of birth, it will be easy to tell by the sign they are in, what qualities in the person will be strengthened. And according to what part of the Grand Man the signs correspond—so that part of the body will be strengthened or weakened by the planet. Thus a favoring planet in Leo, the Heart of the Grand Man, would bring a good circulation and an intensely loving nature, while an adverse planet in Pisces—the feet, would give restlessness, love of travel and pains in the feet.

Each planet, having its own nature, would give these qualities in its own way, Jupiter in a noble way, Venus in a loving way, Mars in a patriotic way, etc.

Including the Sun and Moon, and counting in Vulcan, Neptune and the Asteroids, we have again the twelve complete mystic influences.

Vulcan, the planet nearest the sun has only lately been discovered and has as yet no ephem-erides. But judging by the date of its discovery and the characteristics of its newest neighbors it may very well be the Genius of the Times, the Progressive Awakening Spirit which has sent the world farther in the last hundred years than in ten hundred before it.

Mercury, the next from the Sun, is the planet of Memory and Perception. It gives physical power and a great desire for the acquirement of new knowledge and sciences.

Venus is the planet of Love, especially of the conjugal type, and wherever it is found strengthens the digestion and tends to assimulate nutrition.

The Earth is the planet of Charity, General Love and the Emotions of Pity and Fear. It is the heart of the solar system and sends its pulse circulating to every other planet in the system.

Mars is the planet of Patriotism, Love of Humanity, and of the Family. Where it is strong it gives a maternal love and care of others.

The Asteroids are the Lungs of the Solar System and give strength to the breathing powers and added vitality to the system.

Jupiter is the planet of Art, especially of sculpture. It corresponds to the shoulders, arras and hands of the Solar System and gives skill in their use. Where Jupiter reigns, he brings a love of the sublime, the noble and beautiful.

Saturn is the planet of Science and Religion. It gives great powers of thought and executive ability.

Uranus is the planet of the Occult, and where it is strong tends to lift the thoughts from a material basis to one more mental and spiritual.

Neptune is the planet of Poetry, controlling the inmost recesses of mind and spirit, and where very strong giving a poet's soul.

The Moon is the planet of Intuitive Sympathy. It is feminine and negative in its influence, and conduces to harmony in social relations. It makes the characteristics of the sign it is in stronger, and has an influence on the sign the Sun is in.

The Sun has the most influence over us, of course, and the sign it is in at birth marks the character of the child. But it is greatly modified by the moon and in a lesser degree—the planets.

It is the star of life and energy. It gives a masculine and positive turn of mind to any one it controls, with a fiery and impetuous nature and a loving and generous heart.