The Spheno-Maxillary Fossa is a small triangular space situated beneath the apex of the orbital cavity at the angle of junction of the spheno-maxillary and pterygo-maxillary fissures, which communicates with the orbit by the former, with the zygomatic fossa by the latter, and with the nasal fossae by the spheno-palatine foramen.

It is bounded above by the body of the sphenoid and orbital process of the palate bone ; in front by the superior maxilla ; behind by the base of the pterygoid process and great wing of the sphenoid ; and internally by the vertical plate of the palate. Three foramina open on its posterior wall-foramen rotundum above, Vidian canal below, and pterygo-palatine canal below and internal. Two foramina open on the inner wall-spheno-palatine above and posterior palatine canal below.