The Inferior Vena Cava commences on the right side of the fifth lumbar vertebra at the junction of the iliacs. Lying on the right side of the spine as it ascends, it is in front of the right lumbar, and right renal arteries, which pass behind it, while the spermatic artery lies in front, in addition to small intestine, third part duodenum, pancreas, portal vein, and right lobe of liver. It receives the lower lumbar veins, right spermatic, suprarenal, and lower phrenic, and both renals (the left of which is the longer, and receives the left spermatic, or ovarian, suprarenal, and lower phrenic prior to entering the cava). While in the notch behind the liver the cava receives the hepatic veins which return the blood brought to the liver by the portal vein and hepatic artery.