The Local Action Of Tobacco is at first manifested by increased flow of saliva. This usually passes off after some practice in smoking; dryness of the mouth follows, and consequent thirst, of ten leading to alcoholic indulgence; and in this, perhaps, lies the greatest danger from tobacco. The habitual smoker usually suffers eventually from what is known to medical men as " smoker's sore-throat." The inflammation often extends to the larynx, injuring the voice and producing a hacking cough, or may spread up the Eustachian tubes (p. 373) and impair the hearing. Cigarettes are especially apt to cause these symptoms. Cure is impossible unless smoking be given up. Those who draw the smoke into their lungs often suffer from chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes in consequence.

The General Action Of Tobacco

The more common effects of absorption of tobacco products are to interfere with development of the red blood-corpuscles, leading to pallor and feebleness; to impair the appetite and weaken digestion; to affect the eyes, rendering the retina less sensitive; to cause palpitation of the heart and enfeehlement of that organ; to induce a lassitude and indisposition to exertion that, in view of the heavy odds man has to contend with in the life-struggle, may prove the handicap that causes his failure. If success in life be an aim worth striving for, it is surely unwise to shackle one's self with a habit which cannot promote and may seriously jeopardize it.

What is nicotin ? What other injurious substances are found in tobacco-smoke ? What general rule may be stated concerning the action of tobacco on the human body ?

Describe the local actions of tobacco. How may tobacco smoking injure the voice? How the hearing?

Describe the general action of tobacco on the body.