This is a rare form of tumour characterised by the appearance of multiple polypoid projections into the cavity of the stomach.

Pitt (2) stated that he had only been able to find seventeen cases recorded in literature.

The neoplasm usually arises in the mucous membrane or in the submucosa, but it may arise in the serous coat of the stomach.

In the special case reported by Pitt the disease was evidently malign ant and had invaded other viscera.

In a case reported by Normans (3) symptoms were absent, although the mucous membrane of the stomach was everywhere covered by dendriform projections and wart-like growths.

The projections may ulcerate and give rise to severe hasmatemesis.

In the cases recorded by Cornil and Ranvier (11) the tumours formed in the deep mucosa or in the submucosa and sent prolongations into the outer coats of the stomach. This condition is practically only of pathological interest.