Small cysts from obstruction of gland ducts are not uncommon. Ruysch (7) described a gastric dermoid cyst containing hair. Engel Reimers described a multilocular lymphangioma of the stomach wall occurring beneath a chronic gastric ulcer of the lesser curvature (ibid.). Albers mentions a cyst 2 1/2-in. long on the lesser curvature of the stomach in a child. Ziegler performed laparotomy for a cyst of the stomach following injury; it formed a tumour for which the operation was undertaken, and after emptying the cyst it did not refill.

Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson (8) described a cystic tumour the size and shape of a walnut, situated near the pylorus between the muscular and mucous coats.

Anderson (9) described multiple cysts of tlie stomach and intestines which he believed originated from inclusion or embryonal rests after the manner of dermoids.

H. Read (10) described a case of a man, aged sixty-two years, who died after an illness of five weeks, and at autopsy a cyst was found completely encircling the stomach. It contained clear fluid and a fatty substance with black streaks of extravasated blood.


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