Tumors originating from the naso-facial grooves (Fig. 74) are almost invariably of the basal-celled type, and are commoner here than upon any other part of the body. Bloodgood* says: 11 The basal-celled tumor is situated most frequently upon the nose (50 percent, 13 out of 26 cases)." Tumors upon the bridge of the nose may be of any of the other types of cancer, and the prickle-celled variety the next most frequently encountered. It is usually a rule to consider that all tumors of the nose are rodent ulcers, but this is a mistake. A short time ago the author removed from the bridge of the nose a small tumor that had been present for over six months, and was surprised to find it to be a typical squamous-celled carcinoma. Fortunately tumors in this location grow slowly. Because of the difficulty of excising a growth in one of the grooves, it is better to use either the curette and caustic or to rely on the x-ray. In the spinocelled tumors it is impossible to do a block operation, so the glands must be left.