The cuboidal-celled growths, as already stated, are formed from the transitional epithelium normally lying between the basal and prickle layers. They form either fungous tumors or ulcers. Treatment is the same as for the squamous-celled growths.

It is generally conceded that many cancers of the penis arise from phimosis and retained secretions, and that perfect cleanliness would markedly limit their number/


Tumors of the vulva are practically identical with those upon the penis, the largest number being of the very malignant type. Treatment requires not only local excision, but removal of the inguinal glands as well.


Considering the trauma (due to the passage of feces) to which the anus is continually subjected, it is surprising how rare tumors of this region are. The majority of the malignant tumors arise from the squamous epithelium of the rectum near the anal margin, and run a course typical of the prickle-celled tumors in general. Metastasis may take place to the inguinal glands or to the lymphatic glands in the pelvis.