When one considers that epithelial growths of the skin, both benign and malignant, are so common, that they are usually so easily diagnosed, that the tissue from them is readily obtainable for histological study, and that most of them are so amenable to proper treatment, it is surprising how much ignorance prevails concerning them, even among surgeons and dermatologists. In this country Blood-good has done much to correlate the clinical and pathological findings, and to point out how these different findings influence treatment, for the treatment of tumors of the skin must be conducted by different procedures according to their malignancy.

In this book an effort has been made to gather under one cover the latest views on malignant tumors of the skin, and to give the personal experience of the author, an experience gained in Dr. Blood-good's surgical pathological department of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, in Dr. Gilchrist's dermatological clinic at the same institution, and in the surgical, pathological, and dermatological departments of the Freedmen's and Georgetown University hospitals.

The aim of the book is to be both scientific and practical-to give the correct pathology of the cutaneous neoplasms, and to point out how this guides treatment.

It is a pleasure to thank my friends for the help that they have given me, in the referring of cases for study, in the preparation of pathological material, and in furnishing me photographs. My thanks are due to Dr. Richard L. Sutton, of Kansas City; Dr. M. L. Heidingsfeld, of Cincinnati; Dr. C. J. White, of Boston; Dr. George M. MacKee, of New York; Dr. Perkins, of Kansas City; and Dr. Gilchrist for illustrations. Both Dr. Gilchrist and Dr. E. A. Bal-loch, of Washington, have allowed me to make free use of their material. Dr. Wm. B. Sowers, of Washington, for several years resident surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, has written the entire subject of carcinoma of the lip, and Dr. H. A. Fowler, of Washington, has helped me with the subject of cancer of the penis. Dr. Van Sweringen, pathologist to Freedmen's Hospital, has prepared many sections for me.

H. H. Hazen.

Washington, D. C.