In dealing with the treatment of skin cancers, the following outline will be followed:

Surgical. Knife.

Actual or electric cautery.

Curette, with or without the use of a caustic.


Electrolysis. Fulguration.

Actinic. X-rays. Radium.


Nitric acid.

Sulphuric acid.

Acid nitrate of mercury.

Chromic acid.

Pyrogallic acid.

Caustic potash.


Silver nitrate.

Zinc chloride.

Congelation. Liquid air. Carbon dioxide snow.

Medication. Arsenic. Methylene blue. Colloidal copper salts. Cancer vaccine. Immune sera. Supportative treatment. Analgesics.

Treatment of complications. Infection. Hemorrhage.

Invasion of special organs.

Repair of deformities. Plastic operations. Artificial organs.

Treatment of inoperable cases.