The excellence of the series of monographs issued under the editorship of Professor Nothnagel has been recognized by all who are sufficiently familiar with German to read these works, and the series has found a not inconsiderable proportion of its distribution in this and other English speaking countries. I have so often heard regret expressed by those whose lack of familiarity with German kept these works beyond their reach, that I was glad of the opportunity to assist in the bringing out of an English edition. It was especially gratifying to find that the prominent specialists who were invited to co operate by editing separate volumes were as interested as myself in the matter of publication of an English edition. These editors have been requested to make such additions to the original articles as seem necessary to them to bring the articles fully up to date and at the same time to adapt them thoroughly to the American or English reader. The names of the editors alone suffice to assure the profession that in the additions there will be preserved the same high standard of excellence that has been so conspicuous a feature in the original German articles.

In all cases the German author has been consulted with regard to the publication of this edition of his work, and has given specific consent. In one case only it was unfortunately necessary to substitute for the translation of the German article an entirely new one by an American author, on account of a previous arrangement of the German author to issue a translation of his article separately from this series. With this exception the Nothnagel series will be presented intact.