The more or less common use by the woman of the sponge-shield, or the rubber pad, known as a "womb-veil," placed over the mouth of the uterus to prevent the entrance of the male sperm, is discredited at the start by the simple fact that, for the reasons previously stated in reference to the life and movements of the living germ in its fluid medium, it is a "preventive" which doesn't prevent. And these, also, although widely advertised and sold under various names by quacks and druggists, are open to the same objections which apply to the condom. They are apt to erode and irritate the vaginal and. uterine membranes, producing vaginitis, ulceration and endometritis, while precluding to a great extent that sexual pleasure which is the chief object of the libertine.

This pleasure, in its very highest culmination, is the coming together of the extremely delicate and sensitive nerves of the head of the penis and the similarly highly sensitive nerves which surround the mouth of the womb, producing that thrilling, galvanic shock which constitutes the supremest sexual delight; and, it need not be stated, that by the use either of the condom or womb-veil, this īb absolutely precluded. Besides, as in the case of the condom, through accidental displacement of the shield, it is liable to be rendered at any time as useless as it is injurious.