There is a species of homosexuality, however, not due either to heredity or psychic influence, which is the natural outgrowth of absence of the opposite sex; and between which and the instinctive variety the line should be carefully drawn in any attempt to define the typical phenomenon. Sainte Claire Deville found that dogs, goats and other male animals, when isolated, became first restless and pugnacious, and afterward, obeying the law of heat, attempted coupling together; but were speedily quieted and restored to normal condition by companionship with females.1 Buff on observed the same thing in birds; and Lacassagne noted that young fowls and puppies, before intercourse with the females, frequently made hesitating attempts upon those of their own sex,* showing the instinct to be germinal and entirely distinct from any question of sexual association.

Mr. Ellis thinks it probable that true sexual inversion, to the extent of seeking gratification in members of the same, rather than of the opposite sex, may be found in animals;' and quotes Muccioli, an Italian pigeoo-fancier, as saying that inverted practices occur even in the company of the other sex, and that birds of this family seem especially prone to sexual perversion.*

Spurious Homosexuality 38