Port man, who knows the Andamanese well, says that their sexual desire is small, their love of Bport being far greater than their passion;1 and although chastity is not particularly regarded by the Fuegians, "and virginity is lost at a very early age, yet both men and women are extremely moderate in sexual indulgence."

Menstruation among women, and the sexual passion among men, are suppressed during the long winter of the Eskimos, children being born almost exclusively nine months after the first appearance of the sun;8 and with many of our Indian tribes it is a custom to refrain from sexual intercourse during the entire period of lactation.1 In Polynesia, it is doubtful whether sexual license prevailed to any great extent before the advent of Europeans; and the Marquesans are mentioned by Foley as corroborating the statement previously here made, that sexual erethism is attained among primitive races only with extreme difficulty, during any except the sexual seasons.1

Sexuality Of The Andamanese And Fuegians 35