I know of a case where a highly passionate girl habitually experienced the sexual pleasure with her lover from his rubbing his cheek against her nipples; and there is probably no woman, in whom the sexual feeling is not absolutely dead, who may not be aroused to the highest passion, and thus easily seduced, by a man sucking her breasts.

In the " Topographical Anatomy " (1,552) Hyrtl calls this suctusstupratio, and tells of a case where, from being thus Bucked by her lover, the girl learned to do it herself, and derived from the act the most intense pleasure. Thus, the fact, sufficiently well known, that cows suck their own udders, is far more probably due to sexual feeling than the cause generally ascribed to it—that of relieving the uncomfortable distention of the udder.

In men, physiologically, the penis itself, and sometimes the scrotum, are the only seats of sexual excitation, although the practice of pederasty— intercourse by the rectum—is probably best explained by associating the nerves of the anus with the sexual-center; and it is well known that women practise putting their tongues into men's mouths to excite them sexually.